Brody Touchet, CEO

Sanuk Marketing | Naples, Florida

Sanuk Marketing | Naples, Florida

Brody is a photographer and content creator for various companies on social media. He recently started to venture into real estate investing and was looking into marketing to help promote both his business and his wife’s business. While studying marketing and talking with many people in the marketing industry, he realized that marketing is essential. He became fascinated with how he could grow their businesses using the proper marketing strategies.  Brody is very creative and always looking for ways to implement his creativity.

He quickly realized he would love to take his talents and passion for helping others and assist them in making their dreams a reality. While talking with the president of The Sanuk Group, Eric Smith, an old friend from his home town Lafayette, Louisiana, Eric mentioned the idea of Brody launching Sanuk Marketing into a new market. From this conversation Sanuk Marketing in Naples, Florida, was launched. Together they plan on bringing even more incredible digital solutions, content and marketing genius to the Sanuk Family!

Premium Hosting Services

Does your business or personal blog need to be securely hosted and backed up? 

Graphic Design

Is it time for a new brand identity, business logo or ongoing graphic work?  We love being creative with you. Let us be your graphic design department.

Reporting & Analytics

We provide real time reporting on your website’s performance, audience, and other analytics to help you better managing your marketing.

Site Optimization

Website SEO and performance matters. We provide onsite website optimization to help you stay on top of web.

Social Media

Social Media Management, Business Consulting and more, we offer managed services that can be customized to fit all of your small business needs.

Website Development

Need a new website or just a new page? We offer full website design and development services

If you have a beautiful website with zero traffic, then you have a beautiful website. Our SEO results are proven to put your brand at the top of search results.


More bang for your budget. We offer real-time SEO with dashboard tracking for all of your marketing efforts. Log in at any time and see the results for yourself. No gimmicks, just results.

Digital Advertising

Combining research, design and strategic planning, we curate campaigns for all platforms in the digital advertising space including Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, In-Stream Videos and more.

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